Successful Restaurant

Successful Restaurant


How to Open A Restaurant in Bahrain

5 Steps Guide for Restaurant Business Startups in Bahrain.

Samana Abul


A shared love of a dish may bring people together and help even the saddest person feel a little better when it comes to a delicious dish he loves, but starting a Restaurant is not easy. It can be challenging. So we have compiled together our best articles that will explain what to know and expect at each step to help turn your dream of opening a restaurant in Bahrain into reality. You have our support. 

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Restaurant.

Below are Five questions to ask yourself before opening a restaurant.

  1. Am I prepared to work until Late night evenings , on weekends and public holidays?

  2. Am I Prepared to work under pressure and take a lot of stress?

  3. Do I enjoy management and  working with people?

  4. Can I live without being paid for months if needed?

  5. Why do many restaurants fail?

How to Start a Successful Restaurant in Bahrain

Basic tips for starting a successful Restaurant in Bahrain.

  1. Have the right concept

Before anything else, you have to decide which type of restaurant you are interested in? Do a detailed research before making any decisions. To know your audience, start researching and collecting the right information about your customers. 

What are People looking for? What do they enjoy eating most? Spicy or foods that have a regular taste? Traditional Khaleeji food or Italian food? Do they like eco- Friendly Restaurants or luxurious Restaurants? Use online surveys, Ask around and collect as much Information as u can. Based on your research you can learn the market and target your audience and make your concept. 

Your location should be considered when it comes to choosing a concept.

  1. Location 

Your location can Make or Break the Business. 

Some factors to consider while choosing your location. 

  • Visibility and accessibility

Choose a location with good visibility that anyone driving or walking by can see your restaurant. Consider parking availability and easy access. 

  • Demographics

Know what your target audience wants, your target audience should match the demographic of the area you choose. 

  • Local competition 

Who are your competitors? And what makes you different from them? The secret is to choose a location where restaurants are successful, but avoid an area that  directly competes with your concept.

  1. Restaurant permits and license 


To open a new restaurant in Bahrain you will need to obtain a license to engage in the activities of restaurants and cafes and approval of the concerned official authorities for this activity, which must be issued by the Ministry of Industry Trade and Tourism. You can check out the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism for more details on what permits and licenses are needed.

You can apply and track the status of your application and approvals through the ministry's Commercial Registration Portal at

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce

Merce in Bahrain has set some guidelines while choosing a business name.  Make sure you abide by these laws.  

  1. Obtain Restaurant Funding

There are some  funding options to help you open your restaurant in bahrain.

  1. Self funding or taking a loan from a bank. 

You can apply for a personal loan if you're a Bahraini national aged between 21 and 60 years. 

  1. Tamkeen

Tamkeen offers a variety of programs that can benefit both individuals and businesses. Which covers the following:

  1. Business Development.

Tamkeen grant to cover up to 70% of the cost of authorized product\Services that a restaurant needs. 

  1. Wage subsidy Support. 

Startups can obtain financial support when they hire bahraini employees. It will help you to lower the cost of your staff.Isn't that great?

Please visit the Business Continuity Support Program for more details.

  1. Investors 

The Bahraini government provided many advantages that attract investors from all over the world, as there are some required documents that the investor must have, which are licensing forms for restaurant and cafe activities.  If you found your investor for your restaurant, please visit Getting Your Business Set Up - Invest in Bahrain for more details. 

Launching a restaurant, Like any business, requires a lot of hard work and patience. You get to create an atmosphere and a taste that people will love. 

You will face and hear a lot of discouraging comments, Fight through negative vibes and DON'T GIVE UP!

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