Tamkeen's Business Continuity Support Program

Tamkeen's Business Continuity Support Program


Following the Royal Directives of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the Business Continuity Support Program in its fifth phase is extended to offer partial financial support for three consecutive months. The support will cover part of the operating expenses of enterprises in sectors that are unauthorized to carry out their commercial activities due to the precautionary measures taken to limit the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Extending the support comes as part of the continuation of Tamkeen’s Business Continuity Support program which was announced by the Government of Bahrain within the framework of the national efforts to combat the economic repercussions caused by the pandemic. The new phase of the program aims to support enterprises that are directly affected by the precautionary measures, I.e. their businesses are suspended. 

Eligible Sectors

  • Children’s play leisure centers
  • Day Care Centers
  • Cinemas
  • Gyms and Fitness studios
  • Salons and Spa
  • Restaurants & Cafés that are mainly reliant on dine in services
  • Wedding halls
  • Retail Shops (non-food items)
  • Travel and Tourism Agencies
  • Event Planning Companies

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Active C.R / valid license
  2. Date of registering the enterprise before 2021
  3. Micro and small enterprises (up to 50 employees) (Sectors that are completely shut down due to the precautionary measures are excluded from this except for retail showrooms)
  4. Based and operating in Bahrain
  5. Employees should be registered under SIO and LMRA
  6. Enterprises should not be owned more than 50% by the Government
  7. Enterprises should not have active LMRA offenses
  8. Enterprises should not have active violation (s) with Tamkeen and LMRA.
  9. Enterprises’ operations are adversely affected by the repercussions of COVID-19.

Required Documents

  1. Rental contract
  2. Last month’s Electricity & Water bill
  3. Last month’s bank statement
  4. Audited financial statement and/or in-house management accounts for 2020 (if available)
  5. System Generated sales report of 2021
  6. Evidence that proves the enterprise is adversely affected by COVID-19
  7. A picture of the front and inside of the store
  8. A copy of the work license (If CR is unavailable. Only for nurseries)

How to Apply?

  1. Create and Activate your online account through Tamkeen’s Portal
  2. Log-in to your account and Register your Enterprise under My Companies
  3. Provide your Bank Account details
  4. Fill in the application and Attach the needed documents
  5. Application will be Verified and Evaluated
  6. Upon approval, the first payment will be transferred to your bank account
  7. The second and third payment will be transferred automatically in the upcoming months

Terms and Conditions

  1. The enterprise must be active during the Contract period and disclose any change occurring in the enterprise’s legal status or commercial address or number of workers during the contract period. In such cases Tamkeen must be notified within no later than ten (10) days from occurrence of such change.
  2. To be entitled to receive Tamkeen’s support, the enterprise must have obtained the Support Approval which as a priority shall be disbursement towards the workers wages and the rent of the enterprise. Where the actual cost of the workers and the rent is less than support amount stated, the enterprise may utilize the remaining support towards other operating costs of the enterprise.
  3. The enterprise shall disclose to Tamkeen if they are exempted from any amounts, costs or expenses related to Tamkeen’s support.
  4. The enterprise shall disclose to Tamkeen about any support, in whole or part, by a public or private body including discounts, promotional offers and additional services.
  5. The enterprise shall provide the required documents to prove its entitlement to Tamkeen’s support by submitting receipts, cheques or proof of bank or electronic transfers or any other proofs as per Tamkeen’s sole discretion. Tamkeen has the right not to pay any amounts and automatically cancel the contract in case the conditions related to the entitlement of the support amount are not fulfilled or in case the required documents are not submitted and demand the reimbursement of any amounts paid.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the grant amount determined?

The grant amount is determined based on the impact caused by the closure decisions stores in addition to the enterprise size. The grant is divided into 3 monthly installments whereby the first payment will be processed shortly upon approval, while the second and third payment will be transferred automatically in the upcoming months.

What happens if my enterprise does not have a bank account?

Please submit the enterprise’s CR owner personal bank account.

How long is the contract?

The contract period is six months starting from the date it’s issued.

Can I benefit from the Business Continuity Support program if I have previously benefited from the previous phases of the program?

Yes, if your enterprise is classified amongst the sector affected by the closure decisions, taking into account that the required standards and requirements are met.

Do I have to submit a new application if I have already benefited from the program in the previous phases?

Yes, you have to submit a new request on Tamkeen’s portal to get the support.

Can I benefit from Tamkeen’s other programs, besides the Business Continuity Support?

Yes, taking into account that the required criteria and requirements are met for each program.

For how long is the program active?

Tamkeen is providing this program as part of its ongoing national efforts to combat the repercussions of the Coronavirus and the impact it has caused on economic levels. The program will be  accepting applications for a period of two weeks, starting from June 27, 2021 to July 11, 2021.

What if my CR/License legal status changes?

You need to officially inform Tamkeen within 10 days of this change.

What are the enterprises that cannot benefit from this support?

Enterprises that are not affected by the closure decisions will not benefit from the support.

Will the amount of the support be the same as the previous phase of the program?

No, the amount of the support will be based on the impact caused by the closure decisions stores in addition to the enterprise size.

Are Virtual CRs eligible for the support?

No, virtual CRs are not included in this phase.

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