Butter Scotch Sauce

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Delivers the most authentic and well balanced taste of butter and caramelized brown sugar.

The Da Vinci Gourmet Sauces is the product for a sweet tooth. It's the missing piece to your dessert masterpiece. It can be used as toppings for cakes, sundaes, and hot & cold beverages. Just the perfect match for your sweet cravings.

A rich chocolatey mocha, a towering sundae topped with luscious chocolate or caramel, a heavenly white forest cake made with creamy white chocolate ~ these are just a few examples of the delectable treats that can be made with Da Vinci gourmet sauces.

Da Vinci's range of sauces have been designed to blend perfectly into hot beverages, adding flavor and texture to create unmatchable flavors. They are ideal for drizzling and making delightful mochas and hot chocolates. A generous 2L bottle makes this perfect for any cafe / restaurant.

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