Protein Tortilla Lavash

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Aly Protein Tortilla Lavash 25 cm 6-Pack 420 gr You may want to include more practical and healthy choices in your meals due to work fatigue or many other reasons in daily life. Aly Tortilla brand offers you tortilla lavash breads by including many different varieties in its gourmet series for those who do not want to consume pot dishes every day or who want to taste different tastes.

The protein tortilla lavash product, which is included in the gourmet series of the Aly tortilla brand, will be the ideal choice for those who always care about their health.

What Are Aly Protein Tortilla Lavash Recipes?

The protein tortilla lavash bread, which is among the products in the gourmet series of the Aly Tortilla brand, will be an excellent choice for breakfast and lunch break. It can be consumed with salty products such as chicken, fish, minced meat, or it can be consumed as dessert with peanut butter and banana.

How to Prepare Aly Protein Tortilla Lavash?

There is 1% extra protein in the protein tortilla lavash, which we produce and sell as Aly Tortilla, and this protein is produced from whey. Lavash, which is obtained by blending with various oils and flours, does not contain colorants or sweeteners. It will be the right choice for our health-conscious consumers.

Why Should I Prefer Aly Protein Tortilla?

Among the Aly tortilla varieties and highly preferred, protein tortilla lavash bread is an extremely nutritious and healthy choice. There is no colorant or sweetener in any of our products, and these ingredients are not included in protein tortilla lavash bread. You can include protein tortilla lavash in meals that will be prepared with confidence for yourself, your children and your whole family.

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